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Innovating Bioreactors

Achieving Cell Growth 

GPC Bio benchtop glass bioreactor

The bioreactor is the heart of the process:

Simply put, a bioreactor or fermentor is a vessel in which biological processes take place. The bioreactors are equipped with either a simple manual control or more complex, fully automated, PLC control.

The majority of bioreactors need to be supplied with gases and nutrients for growing bacteria, yeast, or cells and for the desired biological synthesis to take place. These additives are usually added continuously over a period of a few days to several weeks. Flow controllers play a significantly important role in the process control of Bioreactors.

At GPC Bio, we are agnostic, we want to develop the solution you need, no matter how complex your needs are: vaccine manufacturers, Mab Producers,, Food Industry, veterinary, ...

We have a huge portfolio and experience, so feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

From Research Lab

to Large Production


Lab Scale


Pilot Scale


Production Scale
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