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The key Partner for
Bioreactor and Fermenter designs

Previously only available through our OEM partnerships,
GPC Bio is now also direct
in the USA and Canada.

GPC Bio offers custom design bioreactors for mammalian cell culture applications. We manufacture benchtop and stand-alone bioreactors that are used in the development of drugs, vaccines, biopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine products. Our equipment is designed to meet current Good Manufacturing​
Bringing quality, services & care to the next level. 
We can help in every step of your project.
We are the preferred partner for start-ups and Biotech companies.
You know your process, we will have solutions for the equipment & automation

All About Us

We hold ourselves up to the highest of standards and have been part of this industry since 2008.

We supply local and global companies with a variety of solutions and dedicated services.

Female Scientist
  • Hands-on bioprocess experience

  • Complete in-house capability:

    • Process and equipment engineering

    • Design, Innovation

    • Vessel and controller manufacturing

    • Single-use solutions integration

    • Automation

    • Project management

    • Quality assurance

  • Stainless-steel, glass, single-use, and hybrid technologies

  • A flexible, customized approach to meet any user's specifications

  • Industry-leading capacity

  • Vertical Integration

  • Fast execution: Short delivery time

From an academic lab/young start-up with a limited budget to an established large scale manufacturing with complex automation and processes, we will work with you to develop the best answer to your challenges.

From laboratory scale, development/pilot plant to industrial-scale facilities, GPC Bio designs and manufactures bioreactor & fermentors for a smooth scaling-up transition for all Bioprocesses.

We are agnostic and have collaborated with most Single-Use technology manufacturers. Thus we can provide full hybrid proposals, from single-use solutions to small parallel bioreactors for cell Line development, autoclavable benchtop bioreactors, photobioreactors, stainless steel pilot and industrial solutions.

Our proprietary software makes everything easy to manage and automate and will scale across all of our products, from basic research needs to full automation. Contact us for discussing your needs.

Beautiful French Town

Tailor Made
in France

Located in the beautiful region of La Rochelle, we will welcome you to our training & manufacturing site. You will be able to meet our highly  skilled technicians and follow every single step of the conception and manufacturing of your dedicated equipment.

You will love extending your stay and visiting the surrounding castles, vineyards,  historical sites, and numerous restaurants. Located between the cities of Nantes and Bordeaux, La Rochelle is the third most visited city in France.

We expanded in our new industrial building of 6,000 sf². It is designed to handle small or large projects, with our research department, engineering/workshop, and manufacturing.


Research department:

-Electrical and Mechanical CAD studies

-Automatism studies. Setup and programming

-Computer science studies

-After-sale service



-Design of new equipment

-Prototype design

-Metrology unit

-Spare part shop

-Test bench


We follow the design rules according to the  DESP and the GAMP.


The quality standard used in our company is the GAMP V5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice).

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