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Our Vision

GPC Bio strives to manufacture the best lab equipment allowing our customers to transform the promise of biotechnology into therapies.

Our Mission​

By collaborating with the best biopharmaceutical companies for over a decade, GPC Bio has developed a portfolio of innovative Bioreactors - Fermenters, custom solutions, and software, addressing the current challenges that the bioprocessing industry is facing.

What We Do









Complete Integrated turnkey Process Plants


We are GPC Bio

Global Process Concept Bio

Proud to be innovators of the highest standard, using cutting-edge technologies to lead the bioprocessing industry forward.

Created in 2008 in France, we specialize in Bioreactors, Fermentors, and Processing Equipment dedicated to the Bio-Pharma Industry. 

After our manufacturing facility expansion, in the lovely region of La Rochelle in France,

we are now available in the USA & Canada!






Our main goal is to help reduce pharmaceutical drug development costs

while speeding up time to market.

With vertical integration / transparency

Quality & Expertise

Striving to meet any customer’s specifications

Our unique solutions in stainless-steel, Single-Use or hybrid, are the result of many collaborations with some of the key vaccines and biotech manufacturers.

Over the years, we’re proud to have garnered the trust and loyalty of our customers.

That’s because our products are built with the highest care, and finest quality materials to meet the latest industry standards.

  1. We are an expert manufacturer :

    1. Premium services,  competitive price, faster delivery,

  2. Expertise & teamwork: 

    1. We listen and make suggestions. Most mid-size companies do not know what they exactly need or what the future could be. We will help you by highlighting various solutions.​

  3. Using only premium industrial quality components:

    1. From lab to Production scale, only European origin components, and everything is Made in France. 

    2. We can diagnose and monitor remotely your installation

  4. We are agnostic:

    1. We deliver any types of solution (traditional, Single-Use or Hybrid)

    2. We do not push for A technical solution but THE best technical solution. 

  5. ONE vertically integrated manufacturing;

    1. We deliver faster with less risk of supply disruption

    2. You can easily follow your manufacturing or audit us.

    3. Nothing is outsourced to another country/facility. Fully transparent and in control.

    4. We meet the deadlines! 

    5. One go to person for easy communication, fast and transparent.

    6. We are not depending on other vendors, reducing the risks. 

  6. We re-invented the controllers:

    1. Simplified designs

    2. Easy and cost effective maintenance

  7. We have multiple references and we can help you defining your process from upstream to downstream.

  8. Designed by scientists for scientists: ​​

    1. You will become an expert in a couple of hours! 

    2. Software and equipment re-invented with experts and end-users

    3. User friendly and intuitive: You do not need to be an expert to operate bioreactors!

  9. Fully customizable but not more expensive or with additional lead times. 

  10. Many more reasons : Contact us!

Why GPC Bio

and not one of the top 4 suppliers ?

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